VI’s Josef George promises more live shows & songs for 2013

                       ROAD TOWN, Tortola, VI- 2012 could be considered a blessed year for the young and extremely talented artiste from the Virgin Islands, Josef George and for this new year he wants to focus his attention on giving more to his fans here as well as in the Diaspora.

“They can expect a lot more live shows, a lot more new songs,” said George in an jj22exclusive interview with Virgin Islands News Online today January 10, 2013. Mr George, who is based in the United States, is currently in the Virgin Islands where he has been busy entertaining interviews from various media outlets.

George said he was currently  working on an album and fans can certainly look forward to that as well. “Seeing me out there I am just trying to give the fans what they are looking for.”

Reflecting on the 2012 experience in the music industry, Mr George said he had lots of fun working with recognised and Grammy Award winning songwriters. Working on his promo albums and doing video shoots were all aspects of the work that he also enjoyed.

“I also came for Music Fest last year….I really enjoy doing what I love so it is always good to be able to perform and record…”

One of the highlights of 2012 also for Mr George was the media attention that he received and did several interviews with online entertainment media.

In fact, Mr George was recently featured by, an online entertainment site recognised for its many interviews with music artistes.

During the interview with, George described his music as “laid back, relaxing. Most of my music is slow R&B and some pop too. But some of the songs are very unique because they don’t make them the way they used to. I’m trying to bring that new flavorr back to the music world with the live recording. I’m trying to back off the synthesize effects and keep it deep and simple in terms of the natural instruments there. That’s where I would say it’s pure and pretty standard and unique because now you don’t hear music that much with live instruments anymore.”

Asked by what are some of the challenges for him musically and some of the advantages living in the Virgin Islands, Mr George said. “…the challenges are getting out there. There aren’t that many people here who are involved in the music industry as in the USA. We don’t have many top producers or people in the industry. In order to make my mark I would have to venture out at the level I want to take out. One of the advantages for me as a producer it is a peaceful place where I can find nice and quiet areas where I can meditate and just come up with hit records and nice music.”

Commenting on his latest music video “Can’t Get Away”, which has been quite a hit online so far. Mr George said, “at that time me coming from the Virgin Islands I wanted to keep a little of my culture because some people they go away and forget where they come from in terms of making other genres of songs ,but they wouldn’t come back to their original type of genre.  So me, I wanted to do a little of a reggae feel, and get my culture in one of my songs and show you all how I live in the VI, and how we do it on this side, and that’s how I came up with the idea of making the song. The lyrics are also based on a life experience; I was caught up on a girl. The lyrics basically say it all.”

Puerto Rico -born, Mr George moved to Tortola, Virgin Islands shortly after his birth where he found the perfect environment to grow in his music.

According to his website, from the time he could speak his first words, George started to develop a love for music. “Raised in the church, at the age of four, Josef was allowed to play the drums occasionally during Praise and Worship Services.”

By the age of six, George was singing at local concerts and other community events. He became known in the VI community for his ability to play the piano and sing.  George later taught himself to play the saxophone, the guitar and the violin.  At the age of 13, George  was writing, composing and arranging music.  He is now realizing his dream of producing, recording and collaborating with platinum producers under his record label, JCG Records, LLC, his website stated.

“Hopefully, God willing, I can see myself like another Michael Jackson. Going worldwide on the tours; being on BET and 106 and Park; being nominated for a Grammy. Hopefully I will be there and producing other artistes, and helping new artistes along the way,” George told

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