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Page 31: You have a really retro old school kind of sound, but yet you are only 17 years old. How did you develop that type of throwback sound?

Josef George: From an early age I grew up with a lot of old school music. My mom listened to a lot of Stevie Wonder, James Brown and a lot of those other artists. I was raised with that playing in the house. With me being passionate about my music I grew up producing that type of music and that’s what I wanted to produce, that’s who I wanted to be like and put my own twist or spin on it.


P31: If you met a complete stranger, how would you describe your sound in a few words; what would you say your music is?

JG: In a few words I’d say it is laid back, relaxing. Most of my music is slow R&B and some pop too. But some of the songs are very unique because they don’t make them the way they used to. I’m trying to bring that new flavor back to the music world with the live recording. I’m trying to back off the synthesize effects and keep it deep and simple in terms of the natural instruments there. That’s where I would say it’s pure and pretty standard and unique because now you don’t hear music that much with live instruments anymore.

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