New Artist Fixx – Josef George

New Artist Fixx – Josef George

Fixx8Mag recently had the opportunity to chat with Josef George a multitalented performer from the British Virgin Islands. His love for music started at an early age performing at local concerts and community events. By the time Josef was 13 he had taught himself how to play the piano, saxophone, the guitar and the violin. He was also writing, composing and arranging his own music. 4 years later Now he is ready to share his talent and become a world wide superstar.

First and foremost, introduce yourself to our readers.

I am Josef George, a 17 year old emerging R&B recording artist, producer and song writer who loves to perform.

 You live in the Virgin Islands, which has a musical style and history all its own. What was it like growing up in that culture and how did it affect you musically?

Yes, we have a very rich musical style and history in the Virgin Islands. Being exposed to various kinds of music gave me a greater appreciation for music and helped me to develop my own style. From an early age I was exposed to various genres of music including the local fungi, reggae, calypso, and soca music. I also grew up hearing a lot of jazz, gospel, and R&B. As time when on, I found myself gravitating more to R&B. I started writing and playing various instruments. I later wanted to go out in the world and represent the Virgin Islands by becoming a world renowned R&B artist, producer and songwriter.

 Growing up, who did you look up to musically?

I looked up to Michael Jackson when I was growing up.

 How old were you when you started playing music? What musical instrument did you begin with?

I started playing the drums in church when I was four years old.

What feeling do you get when you are playing to a live audience?

When I am playing in front of a live audience it feels good to be able to grab the audience’s attention and draw them into my performance. The excitement of the crowd energizes me and gives me a sense of satisfaction to know that I was able to live up to their expectations.

 What has been your best musical memory since you started performing?

When I performed at the BVI Music Fest this past May that was my best musical memory, because I had a live band with backup singers, and I performed in front of thousands of people.

 If you could work with any musician, alive or dead who would it be and what do you think it would sound like?

I want to work with Trey Songz someday. The music would sound fresh, unique and very professional.

Who is Josef George when it comes to the ladies?

I am romantic, very understanding and highly respectful of the ladies.

Tell us your favorite track on the album?

My favorite track on the album is Magic, because it’s very real to me and expresses my feelings.

 What do you want your fans, present and future, to know about your future?
 I want my fans to know that I have a bright future ahead of me, and I will always strive to deliver my best performance while reaching out to them by making great music that they can relate to. I hope to evolve into a world renowned artist who will be recognized and appreciated for my music and concert performances.
 In case you missed it Last week Fixx8Mag posted the official video for Josef George’s single “Can’t Get Away” if you haven’t had the chance to check it out you can find it here.

To keep up with the latest news & music check out Josef’s official website and Twitter.

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