jjjj4A few days ago we posted a very FRESH video by 17 year old singer/songwriter Josef George. Hailing from the beautiful Virgin Islands, Josef plays eight instruments and has a voice that wins rave reviews from audiences each time he performs. We had to take few minutes with this FRESH new talent and introduce him to the world.

Describe yourself in 5 Words?

Humble, passionate, determined, talented and persevering.

Tell SA2Fresh your plans to take over the music industry.

My plans include collaborating with major platinum producers and Grammy Award winning artists.  I want to bring a fresh, new flavor to the music industry.  My ability to play various instruments during my live performances is a major part of my plan for success.


What is your favorite part of creating your music? 

My favorite part of creating my music is singing, while putting my feelings and emotions into the song.

How do you want people to remember your music?

I want people to remember my music for its ability to inspire and for the positive and long lasting effect it has on them.  I want my music to stay etched in their memory so that many years from now people would be able to reflect on it.

Do you consider your music timeless? And if so why?

Yes, I do consider my music timeless.  Most of my music is about love and relationships.  People will always be able to relate to those kinds of songs, because love never goes out of style.

Check out Josef’s video for “High School Sweetheart” #freshcertified

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